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"It's About Time"
Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance

About SBE

What we do

Time & Attendance

Specialists in Time and Attendance Solutions, including basic payroll.

Physical Access Control

We provide basic access control systems with installations to secure even the smallest property.

Cloud Management Solutions

Live log monitoring systems within the cloud using GPRS communication.

Telephone Support

We provide full telephone software support with our trained specialists.

Remote Assistance & Training

Built-in software to actively assist remotely and provide training over the phone.

Nationwide Installations & Support

We do professional installations nationwide with support and full training.

Site Inspections

We do site inspections before installations, to ensure satisfactory after completion.

Extensive Reporting

We provide reports to assist with payroll and wage calculations with our VIPER TNA software.

GPS Location Device

With our new GPS functionality you can pinpoint where the mobile device is used for clocking.

Why we use a Direct Approach?

Our Salesteam

  • Is our technical team
  • Will do the installation
  • Provide the training
  • Handle all maintenance
  • Assist with after sale service
  • We Offer a Solution and Not a Salespitch!

    Your Benefits

  • The person who offer the solution will install your product
  • Not covered in layers of sales persons, and outsourced installation teams
  • Everybody in your presence, is proudly from SBE
  • Long-Term relationships
  • Our Mission & Trust Policy

    Our Mission

  • Our people are our enduring advantage
  • Accountability is clear and personal
  • We work and win in teams
  • We understand and respect our customers and consumers
  • Our reputation is indivisible
  • Our Trust

  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Consistence
  • Loyalty
  • Openness